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Models category 6 STARS: HEAD INSTINCT
All configurations include rackets
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Duration (days) Snowboard + Boots Snowboarding only
1 30 € 27 €
2 55 € 46 €
3 77 € 65 €
4 92 € 80 €
5 107 € 90 €
6 120 € 99 €
From the seventh day 10 € / day 10 € / day

The product photo is indicative and refers to one or more models included in the reference category.
The technicians of our facility make sure to provide you with the best available option based on your needs.

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MEN: (EU)36 (UK)4 (US)4,5, MEN: (EU)37 (UK)4,5 (US)5, MEN: (EU)38 (UK)5 (US)5,5 , MEN: (EU)39 (UK)5,5 (US)6, MEN: (EU)39 (UK)6 (US)6,5, MEN: (EU)40 (UK)6,5 (US) 7, MEN: (EU)40-41 (UK)7 (US)7,5, MEN: (EU)41 (UK)7,5 (US)8, MEN: (EU)41-42 (UK)8 (US)8,5, MEN: (EU)42 (UK)8,5 (US)9, MEN: (EU)42-43 (UK)9 (US)9,5, MEN: (EU)43 ( UK)9,5 (US)10, MEN: (EU)43-44 (UK)10 (US)10,5, MEN: (EU)44 (UK)10,5 (US)11, MEN: (EU) )44-45 (UK)11 (US)11,5, MEN: (EU)45 (UK)11,5 (US)12, MEN: (EU)46 (UK)12 (US)12,5, MEN : (EU)46-47 (UK)12,5 (US)13, MEN: (EU)47 (UK)13 (US)13,5, MEN: (EU)48 (UK)13,5 (US) 14, MEN: (EU)48-49 (UK)14 (US)14,5, MEN: (EU)49 (UK)14,5 (US)15, MEN: (EU)50 (UK)15 (US )15,5, WOMEN: (EU)35(UK)2,5(US)4,5, WOMEN: (EU)35-36(UK)3(US)5, WOMEN: (EU)36(UK) 3,5(US)5,5, WOMEN: (EU)36-37(UK)4(US)6, WOMEN: (EU)37(UK)4,5(US)6,5, WOMEN: (EU )37-38(UK)5(US)7, WOMAN: (EU)38(UK)5,5(US)7,5, WOMAN: (EU)38-39(UK)6(US)8, WOMAN : (EU)39(UK)6,5(US)8,5, WOMEN: (EU)39-40(UK)7(US)9, WOMEN: (EU)40(UK)7,5(US) 9,5, WOMEN: (EU)40-41(UK)8(US)10, WOMEN: (EU)41(UK)8,5(US)10,5


135CM, 136CM, 137CM, 138CM, 139CM, 140CM, 141CM, 142CM, 143CM, 144CM, 145CM, 146CM, 147CM, 148CM, 149CM, 150CM, 151CM , 152 CM, 153 CM, 154 CM, 155 CM, 156 CM, 157 CM, 158 CM, 159 CM, 160 CM, 161 CM, 162 CM, 163 CM, 164 CM, 165 CM, 166 CM, 167 CM, 168 CM, 169CM, 170CM, 171CM, 172CM, 173CM, 174CM, 175CM, 176CM, 177CM, 178CM, 179CM, 180CM, 181CM, 182CM, 183CM, 184CM, 185CM, 186CM, 187CM, 188CM, 189CM, 190CM, 191CM, 192CM, 193CM, 194CM, 195CM, 196CM, 197CM, 198CM, 199CM, 200CM, 201CM , 202CM, 203CM, 204CM, 205CM, 206CM, 207CM, 208CM, 209CM, 210CM


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