Update and maintenance

Thanks to a very efficient maintenance and management system, we are able to guarantee all our customers the best cutting-edge equipment available on the market. No product rented from PM STORE can exceed 36 months of life. All the equipment is subjected to a strict maintenance protocol aimed at guaranteeing: hygiene, safety and performance.

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Each pair of skis, snowboards is thoroughly checked at each delivery, safety and quality are our mission to guarantee a day on the snow in total serenity and carefree.


The boots and helmets are subjected to a rigorous process of ionization and sanitization to ensure the due protection of each customer.


It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert skier: you can always need good advice. We know how important the choice of equipment is and for this reason we train each member of our staff so that he can better manage all your technical needs.

Are you undecided about the choice of equipment to rent? Try our online configurator.


We have waged a real war against the unexpected, but sometimes they can happen. Our assistance service is available throughout the day and ready to intervene for any repair and/or replacement. Thanks to the proximity of the ski lifts, we can intervene quickly, without compromising your day on the snow.

In case of need, contact the assistance number by phone or via WhatsApp that is provided with each rental.